My standard Rudall design has a medium bore and large fingerholes - R&R medium.

At request other designs are available, too, for instance, a large bore version - R&R large; or my narrower model R&R from 2009.

Rudall model, African blackwood, 8 keys


Rudall model, boxwood, 8 keys


fully metal lined barrel


fully metal lined barrel (opened)

Standard finish:
long foot joint, solid silver rings, tuning slide (with the head joint fully lined) and a screw adjusted stopper. The standard embouchure hole is large and oval.

Tone and Response
R&R medium: great balance between the largeness of tone and the ease of play; between openness and resistance. The tone is fat, warm, round and very present with lots of harmonics.
R&R large: bigger dynamic range, feels and sounds more open and transparent with a big creamy tone and rounded high notes. The larger bore takes more air and naturally sounds darker with less harmonics when played softly.

African blackwood
European Boxwood (limited supply)

saltspoon cup keys cast in solid silver, nickel silver or bronze
Block mounting

Short D foot
B foot
Head joint without tuning slide
Fully metal lined barrel                       
Imitation ivory or wooden mounts
Pin mounted keys (modern flat cups)
shorter finger stretch, smaller finger holes
Left handed version

Please, contact me for the current prices, special requests and specifications, or for further details of the different designs.