Bb Flute

This is a R&R style Bb flute of my own design, partially lined head with tuning slide.

Bb flute (Thomas Aebi)

Bb-Flöte, African Blackwood, Pin Mounts


Bb flute (Thomas Aebi)

Bb-Flöte, Special


Bb Flute (Rudall model), African blackwood, keyless

Bb Flute (Rudall model), African blackwood, keyless

warm, round & meaty tone  

available in blackwood or boxwood (limited)

blockmounted salt spoon cup keys cast in silver  
(* C foot currently not available)
“saltspoon cup“ in cast silver, nickelsilver or bronze, block mounted
modern style keys with flat cups in nickelsilver, pin mounted

Easy playing B flat with very controllable and defined response  
Plays almost like a D flute due to a narrow and carefully set bore
For the benefit of ergonomics and with the player in mind who has average or small size hands, I keep the finger stretch as short as possible (85 mm) - for large hands it is possible to apply a wider stretch and gain further clarity of tone and tuning accuracy (90 mm)

in order to reduce weight (quite an issue with a big flute) I recommend imitation ivory or wooden mounts rather than solid silver rings
optional also: short foot or a head without a metal slide

Please, contact me for the current prices, special requests and specifications, or for further details.