The middle section of the R&R Eb model is compatible with the R&R medium flute in D. (However there is a slight restriction concerning the intonation of the lower notes when combined with a keyed foot joint in D).

As the head joints of the Eb model and the Rudalls in D are the same, an Eb flute body with its own foot joint is therefore also compatible with the the head joint of the R&R large.


Eb Flute (Rudall model), boxwood, 2 keys

Standard finish:
long foot joint, solid silver rings, tuning slide (with the head joint fully lined) and a screw adjusted stopper. The standard embouchure hole is large and oval.

Tone and Response
Very lively and expressive, with a rich, full, round tone. Powerful but easy to fill.

African blackwood
European Boxwood (limited supply)

saltspoon cup keys cast in solid silver, nickel silver or bronze
Block mounting

short foot
Head joint without tuning slide
Fully metal lined barrel                       
Imitation ivory mounts
Pin mounted keys (modern flat cups)
Left handed version

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