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Relaxation of import/export restrictions

Switzerland sees relaxation of import/export restrictions concerning some CITES-listed woods important for woodwinds.
The new regulations are in force per 1st of December 2019 and they concern (among other woods) African Blackwood and Rosewood, important woods for woodwinds. The regulations previously in effect for personal border traffic are now applied to shipped goods as well: permits or certificates are no longer required when shipping musical instruments made of African Blackwood, Rosewood, Palisander (Dalbergia spp. up to 10 Kg).

Please note that in other countries any adaptation of these regulations are not necessarily yet put into effect.

New medium bore R&R model "20th Anniversary"

New simple system wooden Piccolo ("Basler Fasnachts Piccolo")
Nicer tone and better Intonation. For standard fingering!

15 years anniversary
It has been my pleasure to make instruments for my customers over the last 15 years and to mark the occasion of this anniversary, I'm delighted to announce the addition of a new instrument to the range: the bass-piccolo flute!

new chanter models:
14inch Rowsome style D chanter
C Chanter
Bb Chanter

updated R&R medium and large bore flute models:
R&R medium
R&R large
new options for keys' metals: nickelsilver and bronze

new flute models:
C flute
little F flute
short G flute (the so called “Bass Piccolo“)
Piccolo in D (“Fasnachts Piccolo“)